Air Champions – Citizen Scientists Commitment Agreement

As a prerequisite to be an Air Champion – Citizen Scientist, I agree to the following:

  • I will always treat everyone with kindness and respect, even those that do not understand Science.
  • I understand that I am a Citizen Scientist collecting powerful data, and that data is just noise until it meets context and is visualized in a meaningful way that our brains can consume.
  • I acknowledge that everyone will internalize how Air Quality impacts our Health, our Community and our Futures at different speeds along this journey.
  • I will be open to other Citizen’s interpretation of what the data might be saying.  We are still figuring this all out.
  • I acknowledge that everyone may not care as much about Air Quality and its impact as I do.  That is OK. Air Champions can care enough for everyone.
  • I will always treat everyone with kindness and respect, even those that do not believe in Science.

I will download free “Air Quality by Plume Labs” app

Apple iTunes:

Google Play:

    1. Set up the city you want daily data on,
    2. Select your pollution sensitivity,
    3. Select your main activity,
    4. Select all notifications (Smart, Morning Report & Evening Report), and
    5. Each morning review the 48 hour Air Quality Forecast for your Home and City.

I will follow the Open group “Air Champions” Social Media

    1. Start collecting data and sharing your adventures.
    2. Take your Flow on an adventure.
    3. Take some photos along the way to add context to your pollution measurements.
    4. Take a few screenshots of you Flow app at interesting moments
    5. Post your photos to the Air Champions group with any questions or comments you might have.
    6. Tag @AirChampions and use the #AirChampions tag.

I will review, over the next six (6) months,  the Air Champion Fundamental IAQ Knowledge material outlined below

    1. Read (30 minutes) Fitwel Certification Resource – Building Healthy Places Toolkit – Chapters 1 & 4 (HERE),
    2. Watch (58 minutes) RESET Air Certification Accredited Professional Training Modules, 1,2,3,4,7 & 8 (,
    3. Download “EPA Schools IAQ Tools for Schools App” and watch (30) “Walkthrough: Four Schools Making a Difference”,

Note:  Air Champion Scholarship Recipients must study this information and successfully complete the 30 question Assessment (see below) before they receive their free Flow 1 Personal Pollution Monitor (PPM).

I will complete the Air Champions Fundamental IAQ Knowledge Assessment  (Optional for Non-Scholarship recipients)

    1. Notify McMac Cx that you are ready to complete your online open book assessment (30 questions).
    2. Successfully complete assessment (no time limit, no limit on attempts, must score greater than 80%),

Note:  All Air Champions who successfully complete the Fundamental IAQ Knowledge Assessment will be designated Air Champion “Ambassadors” and will receive a Certificate as such.  Air Champion Ambassadors are eligible to participate in funded advocacy programs focused on helping other Air Champions engage with Community Leaders.