Requirements to be an Air Champion – Citizen Scientist

  1. Read the “Air Champions” Commitment Agreement (Link Here).
  2. Complete the application form below,
  3. Purchase and setup your Flow,
  4. Join the Open Social Network Group “Air Champion”:
  5. Post an update every week and respond to occasional inquiries,
  6. Over the next six (6) months, review the four (4) hours of  Air Quality background material,
  7. Complete the “Air Champion Assessment, and
  8. Make a difference in your Community.


Includes: Access to Study Material, Online Knowledge Assessment, Certificate, Lifetime Membership in Closed Social Media Groups and Administration / Oversight.

Starting New: If you are starting from scratch, you will need a new Flow Personal Pollution Monitor:

  • $129.00 (+ Tax / Shipping) for Flow 1 Pollution Monitor (Purchase Here) plus $30.00 = Total $159.00  (+ Tax / Shipping)
  • $159.00 (+Tax / Shipping) for Flow 2 Pollution Monitor (Purchase Here) plus $30.00 = Total $189.00  (+ Tax / Shipping)

Note:  All Profits from sales of Flow 1 and Flow 2 Pollution Monitors, purchased through the McMac Cx website, directly supports Student Scholarships.

Bring your own Flow: If you already have your own Flow Personal Pollution Monitor, the fee is

  • $30.00

Full Scholarships: Full scholarships to Students include a “Flow 1” Pollution Monitor.  Scholarship disbursement dependent on available funds. Applicants will be placed on a waiting list if funds are not immediately available.  Applicants can still finish the application onboarding process while awaiting scholarships.

Sponsor Air Champions Details Here.