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The Air Champions – Citizen Scientists network consists of passionate, community-health focused volunteers committed to creating thriving neighborhoods free from air pollution. The initiative was launched on Earth Day, April 22, 2020 by McMac Cx, a Social Enterprise, in partnership with the Environment Tech company Plume Labs.


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Air Champions use the latest collaborative, citizen-science focused technology, or “Social Tech”, to gather and share air quality data—at school, at home, at work, on daily commutes, and wherever life takes us.

Collecting and sharing hyper-local, real-time air quality data can be used to help individuals and institutions make better decisions. This type of information directly links environmental awareness with our ability to be our best selves and sets the foundation for collaborative, evidence-based action against air pollution.

Our first goal is to recruit 10,000 “Air Champions” in the Houston, Texas within the year, focusing on traditionally underrepresented at-risk communities.

Scholarships for technology toolkits, including Flow 1 personal pollution sensors (https://plumelabs.com/en/flow/) are available for Students. 

Ready to become enlightened, engaged and empowered? 

Let’s get started!


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Three Simple Steps:

  • Review the Air Champion Commitment Agreement (HERE).
  • Purchase you Personal Flow 1 or Flow 2 Pollution Monitor (HERE).
  • Complete your Air Champion Application below.


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Includes: Access to Study Material, Online Knowledge Assessment, Certificate, Lifetime Membership in Closed Social Media Groups and Administration / Oversight.

Starting New: If you are starting from scratch, you will need a new Flow Personal Pollution Monitor:

  • $129.00 (+ Tax / Shipping) for Flow 1 Pollution Monitor (Purchase Here) plus $30.00 = Total $159.00  (+ Tax / Shipping)
  • $159.00 (+Tax / Shipping) for Flow 2 Pollution Monitor (Purchase Here) plus $30.00 = Total $189.00  (+ Tax / Shipping)

Note:  All Profits from sales of Flow 1 and Flow 2 Pollution Monitors, purchased through the McMac Cx website, directly supports Student Scholarships.

Bring your own Flow: If you already have your own Flow Personal Pollution Monitor, the fee is:

  • $30.00. 

Full Scholarships: Full scholarships to Students include a “Flow 1” Pollution Monitor.  Scholarship disbursement dependent on available funds. Applicants will be placed on a waiting list if funds are not immediately available.  Applicants can still finish the application onboarding process while awaiting scholarships.

I want to Sponsor an Individual or School:  You can directly sponsor Air Champions.  Details HERE.

I just want the technology:  Some of you may be interested in acquiring one or more Social Tech Flow Monitors and do not want to participate in the Air Champion – Citizen Scientist initiative.  That is fantastic. You can purchase either Flow 1 or Flow 2 – HERE  All profits from Flow 1 or Flow 2 devices, purchased through the McMac Cx website, directly funds student scholarships.  Once you get your Personal Social Tech Flow 1 or Flow 2 Monitor, you are encouraged to connect with our Air Champion Social Groups and share your experiences.  (https://www.facebook.com/groups/834989380263150)

Air Champions Application

This form is used on the Social Tech page for information requests
    All items must be completed to be eligible to be an Air Champion.
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