Community Engagement Suite of Services


The Goal of our Community Engagement Suite of Services is to deploy fully funded cutting edge Social Technology packages that educate, enlighten and empower young adults to become leaders in ensuring they and their communities are safe and their futures are secure.  This Suite of free Services is broken down into:

  • McMac Cx – Neighborhood Education Engagement Services, and 
  • McMac Cx – Neighborhood Advocacy Engagement Services.
    1. McMac Cx – Neighborhood Education Engagement Click here to Sponsor a School

The goal of our McMac Cx – Neighborhood Education Engagement pathway is to work through our collaborative organizations, that have similar goals and have educational backgrounds / connections to implement an Air Quality education program within every school.

Our Neighborhood Education Engagement objectives are to work collaboratively within neighborhood middle and high school teachers and students and their connected communities to enlighten students about:

  • How indoor and outdoor Environmental Quality impacts health, ability to learn and ability to be our best selves,
  • How Sensor Technology works and how Data Transparency is a democratizing force for change (viable career path),
  • How Data Aggregation and Visualization tells the story of our immediate Environmental risk and future potential (viable career path),
  • How Community indoor and outdoor Environmental Quality is controlled by adherence and policing of established Regulatory Compliance and School Board / Community Decisions on funding and prioritizing student health, 
  • How to design and implement an Indoor Air Quality Management Plan,
  • How to evaluate the capabilities of School Maintenance programs and policies with respect to air quality, 
  • Importance of accessible transparent performance outcomes through independent verification and certifications (LEED, WELL, RESET Air),
  • Emerging Best Practices and Standards of Care
    • How to become empowered by gaining access to on-ramps for advocacy that impact meaningful change.  
      1. McMac Cx – Neighborhood Advocacy Engagement Click here to Sponsor an Air Champion

    The goal of our McMac Cx – Neighborhood Advocacy Engagement pathway is to deploy 1,000 wearable pollution monitors to “Air Champions” across Houston and potentially New York City by the end of 2020 (1,000 points of Right?).  

    Air Champions are passionate Community Leaders committed to creating places where Humans and Nature thrive. McMac Cx will deploy Social Technology that collects and visualizes air pollution data across social platforms, creating engagement and empowerment in our neighborhoods. Click here if you are one of our next Houston Air Champions!

    To become eligible as an Air Champion (Houston Air Champions (HAC) and New York Air Champions (NYAC) applicants must be older than 18 and will need to: 

        1. Review online training material(s),
            1. The importance of Air Quality (RESET / FLOW / McMac Cx websites),
            2. Sensor Technology (RESET / FLOW websites),
            3. Data aggregation and visualization (RESET / FLOW websites),
            4. Air Quality Management Plans Development and Implementation (EPA website), and
            5. Advocacy pathways. (McMac Cx website) 
        1. Pass an online test (McMac Cx website), 
        2. Sign a commitment to share experiences weekly for six (6) months via closed Facebook and Instagram social media sites, and

    At the end of the six (6) month period, the Air Champions will have completed their commitment and the monitor is theirs to keep.  They are encouraged to stay in the program, supply data, comment on social media pages and continue advocating for their communities.

    McMac Cx will:


    1. Administer Social Media Platforms,
    2. Work with our data and sensor manufacturers to refine mapping, transparency and visualization capabilities for our communities,
    3. Develop API integration with other platforms that inform the community about the health of neighborhoods, schools, workplaces and homes,
    4. Maintain a list of school systems, municipalities and industry that embrace building indoor air quality transparency and those that do not.