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RFQ/RFP responses require an increasingly higher level of design detail (and increase the time and cost of securing future work) we deploy software based modeling tools that capture best practice benefits across social, environmental, and financial alternatives.

Benefits of McMac Cx Services:

  • Decreases proposal development time and cost.

  • Provides detailed project specific, community focused Social, Environmental and Financial benefits useful for Picking Teams, Leadership Review and Community engagement.

  • Allows small firms to produce modeled analyses that exceed most larger firms capabilities.


Challenge 1: It is difficult to get realistic above-minimum-code costing data together in a timely manner necessary to make multiple scenario sustainable alternative evaluations.

Our Service: Deploy advanced analytics tools that incorporate location specific costing capabilities, simple net present value monetization and Triple Bottom Line – Cost Benefit Analysis (TBL-CBA) modeling.

Benefits of McMac Cx Services: Instantly compare and evaluate fully costed Social, Environmental and Financial contributions and impacts. Decreases decision time. Higher level of confidence moving forward.

Challenge 2: Difficulty accessing up-to-date project jurisdiction relevant Green Incentives and Channel Focused Lending Partners.

Our Service: Instant access to all National Sustainability Incentives and aligned Lenders.

Benefits of McMac Cx Services: Incorporate incentives into TBL-CBA modeling to maximize investment decisions. Find the Right Incentives, connect with the Right Lender and build the Right Project. Scalable and cost effective, from small contractors to large developers.

Challenge 3: Many clients feel they are being forced into a sustainability checklist, without fully understanding the full benefits to their Business, their Clients, the Environment or the Community.

Our Service: Deploy our robust Modeling tools and Building Science knowledge.

Benefits of McMac Cx Services: Uncover what is important and how project alternatives match your business goals. You decide which above-minimum-code third-party-verified certifications (Energy Star, LEED, WELL Building, Net Zero, Living Building Challenge, etc.) complement your Environmental Social Governance (ESG) goals and recognition opportunities.

Challenge 4: Facility Management is becoming more challenging as Buildings become more complicated, Occupiers more sophisticated, Requirements more nuanced and the knowledge base of Facility Management Professionals ages out of the workforce.

Our Service: Fundamental Facility Management Review (FFMR):

Benefits of McMac Cx Services: Understand expected model for Operational success via identified facility management tasks. Results form basis for design development and final implementation of policies, procedures and tools necessary to achieve operational objectives. Understand emerging technologies and policies that protect your business model.


Benefits of McMac Cx Services:

  • Technology assisted, Human driven customized insertion of the Commissioning Process into Clients’ traditional design process.

  • Formal transparency path to success via proven best practices methodologies, clearly communicated Team expectations and third party verified milestones and deliverables.


Because Value Engineering recommendations by contractors seldom capture the Business, Social, or Environmental Impacts, we help refine Business, Social, and Financial Models.  We also deploy McMac Cx Control Integrity Assessment Technology when project completion is difficult to determine due to uncertainty in completeness of Controls Integration and Final Commissioning Process.

Benefits of McMac Cx Services:

  • Instantly evaluate Value Engineering alternatives against Client’s full business model, including Community impacts and benefits.

  • The McMac Cx Controls Integrity Assessment technology verifies device connections, sequences of operation, trends, alarms and system continuity.


It is difficult to monitor performance during the initial twelve (12) month Warranty period, so we deploy deploy McMac Cx Cloud Based Data Analytics, Visualization and Optimization.  Businesses also need confirmation that the spaces provided maximize health and productivity, so we deploy McMac Cx Audited Indoor air Quality (IAQ).

Benefits of McMac Cx Services:

  • Creates third-party trusted oversight ensuring maximum health, efficiency and productivity.
    Identify construction issues that will be paid for out of Construction funds.

  • Continuous monitoring and visualization of Temperature, Humidity, Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC) and Particulate Matter (PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10).

  • Businesses can provide employees with continuous IAQ visualization ensuring a safe and healthy workplace, decreasing absenteeism and increasing retention and productivity.

Project Phases: What We Do

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