Social Tech Definition (McMac Cx): Social Tech deploys Human, Intellectual and Digital resources that influence Social, Environmental and Financial transparency.  Social Tech disrupts legacy processes by Enlightening Community and Business Leaders to the full Economic, Environmental and Social impacts of their decisions, Engages all Community Stakeholders in mutually beneficial conversations and Empowers development of long term planning and accountability.

Social Tech applications act as democratizing agents and spark conversations around community enlightenment, empowerment and engagement.  McMac Cx uses these technologies across all our services and business sectors.


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People, Profit, Planet Modeling and Analysis – We deploy the world’s most advanced software and human oversight to evaluate the best Designs, Technologies and Standards of Care processes. We quickly and accurately determine the best Social, Environmental and Financial mix of Cost Benefits, from multiple project alternatives, based on cost outcomes to the Community, Occupants, Environment and Business Prosperity. 

Building Performance Analytics – We deploy advanced cloud based data analytics to supply building planners and staff with actionable pathways to ensure Tenant spaces are optimized for Employee Health, the Business’s Prosperity and removing unnecessary burden from the community through Energy and Water stewardship. 

Flow by Plume Labs – Wearable Air Pollution Monitor.  All profits go to supporting McMac Cx – Air Champions

RESET Air Certification – The world’s first and only third-party verified certification that provides independent confirmation that buildings are continuously optimized for Occupant Health and Business Prosperity. 

Arc Performance Portal Data Collection and Visualization – Aggregate Electrical, Water, Gas, Indoor Air Quality data to provide automated upload to the Arc Performance Portal.  

Real-Time Air Quality Monitors – We offer both RESET Air Certified and Standard Commercial grade Monitors for continuous visualization and records documentation of real-time Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) and the resultant health and prosperity potential of your business.  Standard devices measure (custom contaminants available):

    1. Temperature (T), 
    2. Humidity (%RH), 
    3. Carbon Dioxide (CO2), 
    4. Particulate Matter (PM2.5, PM10) 
    5. Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC), 
    6. Light, and Sound.

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