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Image by Tiomothy Swope

About Our Process

Create a Healthy World: If necessary, achieve it by changing one heart, one mind and one building/community at a time.

McMac CX, LLC., is a veteran owned, for profit, public benefit, social enterprise leveraging advanced technologies that create pathways to healthy buildings and communities where businesses prosper, humans thrive and nature flourishes. McMac CX creates performance outcome transparency and accountability within the built environment, giving our clients the decision ready data that allows them to implement the best designs, advanced technologies, and proven processes. 

Our formal global partners share our commitment of accelerating the implementation of proven sustainable  betterments for our clients through deployment of:

  • Extensive building science expertise.

  • Advanced economic modeling and analysis of design alternatives.

  • Independent verification of project team deliverables.

  • Continuous cloud based building performance data analytics.

  • Continuous indoor environmental quality monitoring.

  • Seamless data aggregation and visualization capabilities.

  • Verified international performance outcome certifications.

We do not believe that a prosperous economy can be obtained through the destruction of our children's futures!  Therefore our Grassroots - Community Engagement Services were formed to create deployment pathways for our Impact Advocacy Tech to disrupt institutionalized barriers and connect citizen scientists with actionable positive impacts. 


Our Air Champions - Social Change Scientists (ACSCS) and School IAQ Partners Initiatives are creating grassroots momentum for better accountability of health and productivity performance outcomes from building/community architectural, engineering, construction and operations professionals.

Visible and transparent performance outcome data leaves no place for poor code updates, poor code enforcement, poor designs, poor construction or poor building operations to hide. 

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