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Community Benefit / Burden Calculator  Commissioning (Cx)

This tool calculates the Social, Environmental and Financial net present value (NPV) cost benefits mandatory building commissioning brings to your community.  You must complete sections 1 & 2.  Section 3 will be calculated by McMac Cx and data output returned along with a full report. 

Use of this tool by municipalities:  The final McMac Cx report provides municipalities with the justification required for full commissioning enforcement, training code officials, and /or hiring outside experts to augment compliance.  This tool and the customized final report are free to municipalities who share their data on our McMac Cx website.  Municipalities who want the full report but choose not to share their data on our McMac Cx website, will be charged a $15,000.00 fee. Sample report here.

Use of this tool by community facing non-profits:  On a case-by-case basis, McMac Cx will make this tool available, for free to community facing non-profits interested in understanding the burden a municipality chooses to have them carry because they are not prepared to enforce mandatory requirements.  The burdens identified include the net present value (NPV) costs of air pollution, water pollution, green house gases, lost employee productivity, increased absenteeism, low employee retention, higher energy usage, higher water usage, and higher healthcare costs.  Sample report here.

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Community Benefit / Burden Calculator Commissioning (Cx)

Net Present Value Cost Benefits / Burdens

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