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  • Quickly and Economically respond to RFP/RFQ with meaningful data and visualizations that showcase your Firm’s ability to consider all Client Financial, Social, and Environmental aspirations.

  • Quickly and Economically determine the best Business Case Cost Benefits for multiple Project alternatives based on complete Social, Financial and Environmental Impacts.

  • Quickly and Economically evaluate Design Changes, Value Engineering and Budget concerns against their full Impact on Owner’s Social, Environmental and Financial Project expectations and desires.

  • Document Mandatory AIA Ethic Due Diligence requirements to inform Clients of the Environmental Impacts of Project Design alternatives.

  • Document ability of  alternatives to meet AIA 2030 Commitments.

  • Qualify for two (2) potential LEED Pilot Credits.

Business Executive

People - Profit - Planet
Triple Bottom Line - Cost Benefit Analysis

Advanced software, meets master economists, to provide the cost benefits business-case justification needed to accelerate the implementation of proven best practices designs, technologies, ploicies, and processes.

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