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Go with the Flow

Purchase your very own

Flow Personal Pollution Monitor (PPM) today.

Keep you and your loved ones safe!

All profits go to scholarships

McMac Cx has an agreement with our Plume Labs partner such that initiating your purchase of either a

Flow 1 or Flow 2 PPM  




results in 

100% of profits directly supporting our

McMac CX

Air Champions - Social Change Scientists 

(ACSCS) Scholarships.

We invite you to consider joining our 

McMac CX

Air Champions - Social Change Scientists 

(ACSCS) Initiative 


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So... What is Flow?

Measure air quality, predict pollution, and plan your commutes with your personal air quality sensor and companion app.


Flow 2


  • Make commuting a breeze.

    We are keenly aware of which transportation options emit more CO2 but it’s harder to know which one is best for your lungs. Car, bus, train, subway, hyperloop or rocketship: Flow helps you compare the data between your commutes and pick what’s safest.

  • Take it for a spin.

    Flow is a cyclist’s best friend. It will help you choose the smartest itinerary to drastically reduce your exposure to pollution. Pedaling in the smog is a thing of the past, you shouldn’t have to fear peak hour!

  • Give your lungs a chance.

    Flow will also be a valuable partner for the sensitive urbanite. While it won’t replace your asthma or allergy treatment, by warning you of pollution peaks and giving you timely guidance it will help lift a weigh off your shoulder.

Go with the Flow: Welcome
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