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Commercial Building Owners & Management

Create healthy environments.

  1. Evaluate capabilities and core competencies of Facility Management Teams against existing and emerging technologies and Global Best Processes,

  2. Match Green Incentives / Lending Opportunities to Project Alternatives,

  3. Demonstrate the Health and Prosperity dollar benefits Building Owners, Occupants and Businesses will receive from improved design betterments, alternative building upgrades, and best practice operations,

  4. Building Automation System oversight via Cloud Base Data Analytics to determine what equipment is failing to meet optimized performance outcomes,

  5. Fully automated documentation upload of Energy, Water and Indoor Air Quality data to Energy Star Portfolio Manager and the Arc Performance Portal,

  6. Evaluate the appropriateness of third party verified Certification programs (LEED, WELL, Fitwell, RESET, etc.), and

  7. Document and make transparent, via third-party verification, that lease spaces are optimized for Tenant Firm’s prosperity and Employee health.

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