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More About CELF - Air Champions

How do CELF - Air Champions impact social change?

The CELF - Air Champions use the latest collaborative, social change science-focused technology, or “Social Tech”, to gather, analyze and share hyper-local personal air quality data at school, home, work, daily commutes, and wherever life takes us. CELF - Air Champions have a specific commitment to engaging students in grades 5-12 as environmental health researchers, teaching them how to collect and analyze air quality data in their communities using Plume Labs “Flow” Personal Pollution Monitor (PPM) technology.

CELF - Air Champions Application


Three Simple Steps:

  1. Register and participate in a CELF Civic Science: Inquiry to Action Program.

  2. Review the ACSCS Commitment Agreement.

  3. Review the ACSCS Privacy Statement.

  4. Complete your Air Champion Application below.

I have completed all of the following:
I commit to:
I plan to do the following:

Thanks for submitting!

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