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Community Gardening


Less talk. Better data. More action.

We're here to help you create healthy, prosperous communities where people happily live, learn, work, and play.

Deploying Technology to Protect our Community

Our Grassroots Community Engagement Services connect at the individual and community level.  By enabling access to our Impact Advocacy Tech we enlighten, engage and empower building and community inhabitants to become leaders in their communities, ensuring their futures are safe and secure.

Air Champions - Social Change Scientists

Air Champions - Social Change Scientists (ACSCS) are a global community of passionate humans committed to creating thriving futures free from air pollution. The initiative was launched on Earth Day, April 22, 2020 by McMac CX in partnership with the environment tech company Plume Labs.

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Why Air Champions?

How do you know if Air Champions might be a great fit for you? It's pretty simple actually! If you believe it is a basic right for you, your friends, and your family to breathe healthy air, you've already met the first criteria!

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What Do Air Champions Do?

ACSCS uses advanced citizen-science focused technology, or "Impact Advocacy Tech", to gather, analyze, and share hyper-local personal air quality data - at school, at home, at work, on daily commutes, and wherever life takes us.

Armed with this data, anyone can become neighborhood advocates, identifying sources of air pollution, better understand connections to human behaviors, develop prevention and remediation plans for their communities, and share their findings with peers and policy makers.

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How to Become an Air Champion Social Change Scientist

We make it easy to become an Air Champion with different onboarding paths. If you want to make positive change, we want to help.

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CELF Air Champions

Children’s Environmental Literacy Foundation (CELF) - Air Champions

(CELF) - Air Champions are a select group of educators from across the country who have the same passion for and commitment to clean air for all. These educators have participated in CELF’s Civic Science: Inquiry to Action program and thus have gained a deep understanding of project-based learning and how to implement related instructional practices into the classroom, connecting students to real-world challenges in their own neighborhoods.

Sponsor Air Champions

Sponsor Individuals or School Groups

  1. Sponsor specific Air Champion individuals.

  2. Sponsor Groups of Air Champions in specific schools.

  3. Donate to the Air Champions Student Scholarship Fund..​

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"Communities Under Stress"
Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)
Partners Program

Poor indoor environmental conditions such as access to daylighting, proper ventilation, filtration, comfort and lighting controls, high levels of volatile organic compounds, etc. are more prevalent in communities of color.


McMac CX provides prepackaged solutions for deployment by municipalities, school boards, parent organizations, teachers, administrators, and students.


We provide limited free Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) monitoring that allows you to understand the burdens your employees, students, and community must overcome due to substandard conditions in your school or municipal buildings.  We can then work with you to develop a plan for deploying the right corrective actions.

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How Does Your IEQ Impact Staff?

We'll teach you how your school's Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Impacts staff productivity, retention, healthcare costs, and absenteeism.

Organizations We Sponsor

We're proud to sponsor these amazing organizations.


Citizens Environmental Coalition (CEC)

Annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival Platinum Partner

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Platinum Sponsor


Texas State Parks



Achieving Community Tasks Successfully


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