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Impact Advocacy Tech (IAT)

Our McMac CX - Impact Advocacy Tech(IAT) umbrella aggregates advanced global hands-on and technical solutions that predict and verify increased Natural, Human, and Financial capital value

created by deploying proven-sustainable-best-practice designs, technologies, and policies. 


Each of our Impact Advocacy Tech solutions must:

  • Create access to full transparency and accountability pathways,

  • Illuminate planet, people, and profit impact dollar value, and

  • Reinforce the business-case foundation for long-tern behavior and policy change.


McMac CX - IAT™ early-stage predicative modeling, defendable global methodologies,

and advanced analytics substantiates the business-case due diligence

investors need when deploying higher standards of care solutions. 


McMac CX -IAT building science systems expertise, implementation oversight, and embedded performance outcome expectations ensure predicted benefits are hardwired

into design, construction, and operations of every asset.


McMac CX - IAT proprietary real-time hands-on data stewardship, due diligence

transparency reporting, and unfiltered accountability ensure predicted impact improvement

benefits are realized continuously for all investors, stakeholders, and shareholders.



McMac CX - IAT advances awareness of the real-time environmental conditions

inhabitants must overcome due to the built environment ecosystem’s

pervasive lowest-first-cost minimum-code mentality


Armed with McMac CX - IAT™ substantiated impact data inhabitants and businesses

can demand decisions and policies that create more prosperous outcomes. 


Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Triple Bottom Line Cost Benefit Analysis (TBL-CBA)

Fundamental Facility Management Review (FFMR)

MEP & Envelope Commissioning (Cx)

Building Automation System Integrity Check (BASIC)

Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Monitoring

Building Automation System Integrity Check (BASIC)

Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Monitoring


Specialty IAT Configurations

Planet People Profit Impact (PPPI) Analysis

Planet People Profit Impact (PPPI) App

IAT deployment solutions by Client:

Architects, Developers, Municipalities

Commercial Building Owners & Management

Building Tenant Businesses

School Systems

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