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Welcome to our McMac CX Planet People Profit Impact (P3I) Platform!

The world's first global-reaching, community-facing collaborative platform where Built Environment Ecosystem, Best Practice Champions use
 market-place asset value substantiation to prove the business-case for generationally responsible decisions.

Introducing our McMac CX - Planet People Profit Impact (P3I) platform – Your portal to the Natural (Planet), Human (People), and Financial (Profit) dollar impact benefits or burdens your built environment ecosystem decisions create.

Today’s global issues (water and air pollution, climate emergencies, resource depletion, biodiversity loss, etc.) materialized as the result of our pursuing “lowest-first-cost minimum-code” outcomes.  This best-intentioned mentality is the single biggest deterrent to the deployment of readily available sustainable betterments.  It sets the lowest minimum legal requirement as our maximum acceptable expectation.  The market responds accordingly by creating buildings and communities that are less safe, less healthy, less efficient, and less prosperous.


Our P3I platform disrupts that paradigm by illuminating not just the financial, but also the natural and human benefits created when proven-sustainable-best-practices are deployed within various building and community scenarios.


The P3I platform is the central hub where investors, bankers, developers, architects, engineers, community planners, inhabitants, tenant businesses, influencers, actionists, and activists have equal access to the dollar value of benefits or burdens created, and who is advantaged or disadvantaged when legacy lowest-first-cost minimum-code mentalities prevail.

The P3I platform expands access to McMac CX’s custom Impact Advocacy Tech monetized capital asset analytics by addressing the built environment ecosystem’s failure to make available decision-ready trusted environmental, carbon, and health benefit dollar impacts data needed to make fully informed and justified choices.


Join us in revolutionizing sustainability and creating a brighter future for everyone.

Sustainability "Monetized"

P3I Platform Benefits:


Sustainability Investments

The P3I platform's first goal is to make users aware of the asset value creation opportunities possible when investments are made in proven, mature, and readily available best practice designs, technologies, and policies. 


The P3I platform uses innovative global centric technologies to illuminate the financial impact of your sustainable practices.

  • Present positive outcomes in terms of net present value (NPV) dollars for natural, human, and financial capital in a clear and concise manner.

  • No expertise in green rating systems, design, or construction experience is necessary.

  • The information is easily accessible by both built environment professionals and community actionists.

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P3I Platform Benefits:


Sustainable Growth

The P3I platform quantifies and monetizes the benefits of sustainable improvements, presenting the data in a digestible manner that can be easily internalized within your business.  


Whether you're an individual looking to reduce your carbon footprint or a business looking to increase profitability through sustainable practices, the platform provides insights and data to help you achieve your goals.


The P3I platform is the launch pad from which built environment Creators, Inhabitants, and Policy Makers explore the deployment benefits of business-case substantiated proven-sustainable-best-practices.


P3I Platform Benefits:


Sustainable Superpowers

The P3I platform is the collaboration platform for those built environment ecosystem Best Practice Champions who are successfully overcoming the lowest-first-cost minimum-code mentality in their specific industry.  Not only have these Best Practice Champions broken the code using business-case substantiated methodologies, they are also working within their industries and organizations to lay the solid foundation for long term behavior and policy change.

These Best Practice Champions help populate the P3I platform with information and are accessible to help you emulate their superpowers and begin your journey to better outcomes.

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How it Works 

P3I Platform Video Explainer


​Revolutionize Sustainability with the Planet People Profit Impact (P3I) Platform

The P3I platform utilizes the McMac CX - Impact Advocacy Tech (IAT) solutions applied to static models to demonstrate the tangible value of the positive changes that sustainable improvements create, which can be monetized or assigned a financial value.


McMac CX provides customized solutions for evaluation of the impact your specific sustainability goals, initiatives, and projects create.

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