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High Fives

Be the Change.

We’re here to help you create a better world.

Create a Just and Prosperous Future, Starting Today.

Change the future today, one heart, one mind, one building, one community at a time.

Our Mission:

Provide access to consensus-based data, verifiable business case justification, operational transparency, and performance outcome oversight through Impact Advocacy Tech (IAT), empowering Built Environment Creators to equitably deploy design, construction, and operational best practice designs, technologies, and policies for optimal Inhabitant wellness and prosperity, while simultaneously providing the same IAT access to Inhabitants so that they may be informed and advocate for better performance outcomes.


Our Vision:

To take Impact Advocacy Tech (IAT) mainstream and be the recognized leader of its deployment in the Built Environment ecosystem.  Our full-service comprehensive planet (environment - natural capital), people (social - human capital), and profit (economic - financial capital) IMPACT lens simultaneously solves technical and behavioral challenges.  Providing the best business-case decision-ready data, information transparency, and outcome accountability, delivers healthier, safer, more efficient, and more prosperous places for everyone to live, learn, work, and play.


Our Value Proposition:

Illuminate one thousand dollars ($1,000) of Natural, Human, and Financial, cost benefit IMPACT opportunity for every dollar ($1) of investment in McMac CX modeling, analysis, deployment, and continuous validation of readily available proven-sustainable-best-practice designs, technologies, and policies.

Our Areas of Expertise

Along with our partners, we are committed to accelerating proven sustainable betterments for our clients.

Image by Tiomothy Swope

Extensive Building Science Expertise

Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel

Advanced Economic Modeling and Analysis of Design Alternatives

Image by Scott Graham

Independent Verification of Project Team Deliverables

Analysing data

Continuous Cloud Based Building Performance Data Analytics

Air Duct

Continuous Indoor Environmental Quality Monitoring

Notary Stamps

Verified International Performance Outcome Certifications

We’re ready to work with your team today.

Our Projects

We've worked with some of the best and the brightest and we look forward to adding your project to our list of accomplishments.


Mickey Leland Federal Building, Houston TX – Certified LEED Platinum

Description: 319,366 Sqft, 14 story Office Building
Owner / Developer: General Services Administration
Architect: Gensler – Houston TX
General Contractor: Gilbane Construction – Houston TX
Role: David MacLean – MEP Project Manager – Bury CHPA

David MacLean Head Shot.jpg

David MacLean

Founder & President

David MacLean

Bachelor of Science, Environmental Engineering, North Carolina State University 

As McMac CX Founder and President, David MacLean, is responsible for the direct management of our firm. He has over 30 years of direct experience in the Built Environment.

"I have worked with David for several years now and on numerous projects and David is always the utmost professional. He is innovative and willing to listen to new and creative ideas in our industry and then implement them into a project."

— Keith Christie, Account Executive, Digital Air Control, Inc.

Who We Work With

We're proud to partner with the following communities and organizations.

Texas Logo_original.png

USGBC Texas – Platinum State Partner
Chair - Best Practices Committee

Green Business Bureau


Citizens Environmental Coalition (CEC) – Corporate Sponsor


Galveston State Park – Corporate Sponsor

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