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McMac CX Founder, David MacLean, created and is Chair of the USGBC Texas Best Practices Committee The Best Practices Committee is made up of USGBC Texas members who have stepped up to become our USGBC Texas Best Practice Champions.  Our Best Practice Champions have figured out how to deploy proven best practice designs, technologies, policies, and/or processes consistantly in our buildings and communities.

USGBC Texas Members that have committed to be USGBC Texas Best Practice Champions are expected to:

  • Identify their "Expertise" superpower and disclose how they will "Commitment" to  help others emulate their success.

  • Allow their Name and Contact information to be available on our USGBC Texas ( website database and on our USGBC Texas Social Media sites.

  • Join quarterly one (1) hour sessions to review objectives.

  • Be a Sounding Board for USGBC Texas Chapter initiatives aimed at providing Texas solutions for Texas problems.

  •  Maintain a minimum “Regular - $79.00” or “National Member Employee - $63.00” USGBC Texas Individual Annual Membership (20% Reduced rate applied).


In return for USBGC members commitment to be USGBC Texas Best Practices Champions, and stepping up to share your expertise, gifts and talents with USGBC Texas Members, Texas School Systems, and Community facing nonprofit organizations USGBC Texas Chapter will make the following commitment to all Best Practices Champions:

  • Recognition on our USGBC Chapter website and at all Regional and Chapter Events as a USGBC Texas Best Practices Champion.

  • A 20% reduced cost to become a USGBC Texas Individual or Partner.

McMac CX President David MacLean believes in leading by example.

Review our USGBC Best Practice Champion Expertise and Commitments here.

McMac CX Best Practice Champion

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