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School Systems

Create a healthier way to learn.

McMac Cx deploys multiple Social Tech solutions that deliver independent, objective, consistent assessment and verification that your School's learning environment is always maximizing student health and learning potential. We provide:

  1. Creation of an Indoor Air Quality Maintenance Plan and oversight of its implementation,

  2. Documented, transparent and authoritative data that demonstrates School System’s due diligence in maintaining a conducive learning environment. The International RESET Air Certification* program:

    • Demonstrates to Students, Staff, Administrators, School Board Officials and Parents your constant commitment to a healthy learning environment by providing to all Stakeholders mandatory Disclosure of Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) operational parameters to ensure continuous compliance.  Current parameters include:

      1. Temperature (T),

      2. Relative Humidity (RH),

      3. Carbon Dioxide (CO2),

      4. Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC – Chemical Hygiene),

      5. Particulate Matter (PM2.5, PM10),

      6. Noise and

      7. Light,

    • Creates a record of due diligence compliance with current Best Practices and Standards of Care,

    • Documents compliance with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) commitments.

  3. Building Automation System oversight via Cloud Base Data Analytics to determine what equipment is failing to meet optimized performance outcomes,

  4. Fully automated documentation upload of Energy, Water and Indoor Air Quality data to ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager and the Arc Performance Portal.

  5. McMac Cx Building Science Expertise support to act as your advocate with Building Owners and Facility Management Teams to resolve performance outcome non-compliance issues.

*Our RESET Air Certification assists Project Teams qualify for LEED, WELL Building and Fitwell credits.

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